• LinkMeMine
    Connect all of your PCs, smart devices and IoT sensors to LinkMeMine.
    It’s a solution that you’ve been looking for

  • Access from any mobile device for remote
    control and management
    LinkMeMine provides the simplest way to remotely work,
    regardless of where you are

  • The convenient way
    for individuals and businesses.
    Too many devices on your hand?
    Manage hundreds of devices from one
    location and discover greater productivity

Try LinkMeMine. Anytime, anywhere, manage your PCs and smart devices

Anytime, anywhere, manage your smart device quickly

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Reliable service you can count on anytime, anywhere.

Based on powerful security, LinkMeMine provide an optimized service in various user environment,  More Features+

  •  Easy and Various Functions

    LinkMeMine provides various functions that can effectively manage the number of devices.

     Maximum Security

    LinkMeMine guarantees maximum security with top industry-standard security technologies.


    Control and Manage in Windows, Android, IOS and multi-browsers Connect in Static IP, Private IP, DHCP, Wifi and etc.

     Great User Friendliness

    Experience interface optimized for any device or environment and dual management platforms.


Anyone can easily use.

By Simple agent installation, you can manage your PC or smart device. More HowItWorks+

linkmemine is


We provide high quality service at a reasonable price

Experience totally different working environment with LinkMeMine  More Prices+

  • Basic

    • Monthly Plan2,500 Won1 Agent( includes VAT )
    • Personal use, remote management for small group of devices
    • Remote Access, File Transfer, Status Monitoring, Group Management

      More Features+
  • Corporate

    • Monthly Plan4,500 Won1 Agent( includes VAT )
    • IT assets management, Kiosk/POS/Digital Signage management, managed service providers
    • All functions of Basic Model, Advanced Group Management, Live View, User Management, Warning function, Statistics / History
      More Features+
  • Enterprise

    • Customized PlanContact
    • Monitoring and remote control in manufacturing process, integrated control center
    • AAll functions of Corporate Model, Control for WOL, Intel vPro

      More Features+
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