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Try LinkMeMine. Anytime, anywhere, manage your PCs and smart devices

Anytime, anywhere, manage your smart device quickly

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Connect, Control and Manage with LinkMeMine

Simplify your work by using LinkMeMine.
We connect people and their devices all over the world with state-of-the-art remote access technology.

Special features of LinkMeMine Special features of LinkMeMine Special features of LinkMeMine

Feel free to use LinkMeMine anytime, anywhere.
Access and control your device as if it’s right in front of you.


Why LinkMeMine for remote control?

LinkMeMine suggests efficient and systematic management tools for multiple devices.

  • Simple and Fast to use

    East to use features and 3 step process(Access-Monitoring-Remote control) allows users to easily adapt. Plus, integrated management, statistical analysis, and fault management by LinkMeMine maximize cost reduction.

    Special features of LinkMeMine
  • Special features of LinkMeMine

    No.1 Security

    Your security and privacy have always been our priority.

    256-bit AES encryption and SSL(Security Socket Layer) to protect all remote sessions.
    One-time access passwords and 2nd-level password options to protect server devices.

  • Great Support Team for 24/7

    Enjoy LinkMeMine technical support 24/7, 365 days a year.
    System fault or customer requests are saved and reflected frequently in product updates
    The technical support team use remote support service to determine the cause of the problem and fix it right away

    Special features of LinkMeMine
  • Special features of LinkMeMine

    Application(CS) & Web format

    LinkMeMine provides Application and Web formats for you to choose the right management platform.

    Application(CS) format : Appropriate for real-time status monitoring and remote control. It collects real-time screen data faster than Web format and does not require additional file downloads or installation
    Web format : Appropriate for identifying and managing resources of each device. If you have internet access, you can use it without restrictions and monitor detailed information.


Fast, Easy and Reliable Remote Access Solutions

Remote access to all of the smart devices in the field, in-house and more. A complete and systematic management system can innovate work process

  • Special features of LinkMeMine

    Greater Efficiency

    Maximize efficiency by our top-notch remote access solutions with competitive price.

  • Special features of LinkMeMine

    Stable and Reliable Access

    We guarantee reliable access through continuous R&D investments and specialized technologies

  • Special features of LinkMeMine

    Differentiated Expertise

    Offer #1 remote access by holding multiple patents and differentiated technology from other companies

  • Special features of LinkMeMine

    Optimal Performance

    We ensure reliable remote in optimal speed and quality for all network and OS as well as multi-devices

  • Special features of LinkMeMine

    Fast and easy to use

    Discover greater convenience by using easy-to-use, responsive layout interface and group management.

  • Special features of LinkMeMine

    Quick and Accurate Support

    We promise professional technical support 24/7 so that customers have no problem in using our service