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Make your work more efficient with differentiated services.
From individuals to businesses, LinkMeMine is a key to success.


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LinkMeMine suits in various fields and situations.
From individuals to businesses, LinkMeMine is a key to success.

  • Special features of LinkMeMine Personal use

    You can remote control over personal computers from a mobile device, either on-the-go or on different worksites. In addition, flexible work is possible through telecommuting

    Key Features
    -Data protection(from/to devices)
    -Set access permissions for system and data Record all log data

    -Increase productivity by field-oriented rapid processing
    -High employee satisfaction and loyalty through flexible work practices

  • Special features of LinkMeMine Smartwork Center

    Smarkwork center can be deployed 100% without additional equipment or SI implementations. Employee can commute to nearby smartwork center and work the same as the original workplace.

    Key Features
    -Remote access and direct control to office PCs
    -Two-way file transfer with unlimited capacity

    -Create an efficient working environment by shortening travel distance
    -Rapid decision-making based on real-time collaboration with coworkers

  • Special features of LinkMeMine IT Assets Management

    IT teams can remotely support and manage the internal servers or IT devices with LinkMeMine Agent program installed via the Internet or the intranet.

    Key Features
    -Real-time Thumbnail preview
    -Record each connection and remote control history
    -Organize and manage devices by department / branch

    -Reduce labor and management costs by professional operating system
    -Systematic resource management through device configuration by group

  • Special features of LinkMeMine Technical Support / Service

    Engineers from IT service providers use remote control for diagnosis and quick response to customers without being in the spot. Customers can also easily receive remote support by entering ID/PW

    Key Features
    -Capture and record the remote session
    -Statistics for remote control history per user / device

    -Quick response to similar cases or use the data for future updates
    -Strengthen competitiveness by providing differentiated services

  • Special features of LinkMeMine Remote Troubleshooting

    Manage multiple devices(POS and KIOSK) at the same time on one screen by Live View as the integrated control center. Set criteria of each device for alert notification and troubleshooting.

    Key Features
    -Gather vital information(CPU, memory and HW/SW information etc.)
    -Turn Off/Restart without accessing to the remote computer

    -Central control system for multiple devices in remote locations
    -Minimize the possibility of failure by real-time monitoring of device status

  • Special features of LinkMeMine Manufacturing Facility Management

    Monitor and collect data of each equipment’s production and inspection through console PCs in production assembly line. Manage the whole process by remote operating system(ROS) outside of the assembly line.

    Key Features
    -Remote access and control of each console PC
    -Set alert notification by group for efficient management

    -Easy to expand production facilities due to high scalability
    -Simplify manpower by minimizing unnecessary entry into ‘Clean Room