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LinkMeMine for Smart Factory

Smart Factory is also LinkMeMine.
Multiple control, remote support, inspector integration, real-time inspection process check etc.

Accurate Manufacturing
Process Control


a Stable

-Build a system based on universal network infrastructure
-Better price competitiveness compared to hardware alone system
-Provide convenient features, specialized in manufacturing process control

-Improve quality and reliability with precise control & fault handling
-Extremely scalable with easy to change structure and usage

-Build a stable system with proven references
-Implement centralized control through integrated management features
-Identify responsibilities by checking log data when a failure occurs

-Superior performance, such as direct use


Why LinkMeMine ROS System?

With LinkMeMine ROS(Remote Operating System),
Experience the best efficiency and productivity in any manufacturing process

  • Easy use and scalability

    Intuitive to use with user friendly UX Support for all smart devices based on Windows OS

  • Minimize firewall

    Requires relay server connection only. Direct firewall opening between hosts and clients is unnecessary.

  • Strong security

    Apply international encryption standard algorithms AES and SSL protocol

  • Multi-device, multi-monitoring

    Real-time monitoring and remote control of PC-based manufacturing facilities, servers, POS devices, kiosk device, and etc.

  • Fast in construction Low in cost

    Simple deployment with S/W based, Able to manage multiple remote devices

  • Integrated management solution

    Register and group devices to suit user’s convenience. Easy to monitor in real time through live view function

  • Optimized Performance Solution

    Optimized for smart factory use environments. Solution with fast response speeds and low latency

  • Flexible interlock

    According to client's request, SDK can be provided and used in conjunction with other system


Experience the optimal efficiency with LinkMeMine

Introduce LinkMeMine in a wide range of technical environments,
such as factory, facility networks, office, laboratory, integrated control center, and etc.

Case Study : The largest display manufacturer in Korea

LinkMeMine is the solution already used in famous domestic display manufacturers.
It is useful for managing manufacturing processes, as well as managing multiple users, and devices.
In addition, LinkMeMine helps to identify the problem of the product promptly and
accurately during the inspection process, thereby improving work efficiency.

  • Special features of LinkMeMine

    Fabricated room(Clean room)

    "The manufacturing process is mostly delicate tasks that should not contain microscopic particles. Even if we prevent the inflow of foreign matter as much as possible by various methods such as clean room and dustproof clothing, there is no way to prevent the inflow of dust as long as works enter manufacturing lines directly. However, through the ROS system, it is possible to eliminate these factors by minimizing the labor input inside the Clean Room. Defect rate can also be lowered."

  • ROS room(Integrated Control Center)

    "We gathered the people who could be dispersed in various places into one place, and made efficient work instructions and smooth communication. So we've got advantages in terms of unified management. This led to an immediate increase in per-person productivity. The key to maximizing manufacturing productivity lies in a remote control system called ROS. This is a system that enables us to perform examinations and repair tasks outside of the clean room, rather than from the inside of the clean room.

    Special features of LinkMeMine
  • Special features of LinkMeMine

    Office & Research Laboratory

    "Productivity has improved by 1.5 times, while input manpower has been reduced by half. As a result, ROI has been significantly improved. Current global market conditions are deteriorating due to intensified competition among manufacturers. In this situation, the ROS System has enabled us to gain competitive advantage from manufacturers such as China and Southeast Asia, who are spending low labor costs in arms. Therefore, ROS System is the essential solution for profitable breakthroughs."


Experience LinkMeMine for Smart Factory Now

Discover greater efficiency and productivity with
LinkMeMine ROS(Remote Operating System)

  • Remote Screen Control

    Save time

    Dramatically reduce working hours by minimizing initial deployment, identifying and responding quickly to issues.

  • File Transfer

    Cost Reduction

    Reduce deployment & maintenance cost and labor cost by minimizing manpower in manufacturing process

  • Screenshot

    Integrated Management

    Centralized control through various features like Live View, Multi-control, Group management and Statistics etc.

  • Live View

    Improve ROI

    Low cost, high efficiency smart factory system. Grant quick troubleshooting for preventing further loss. Improve work efficiency, productivity and product quality.

  • Reboot / Power Off

    Easy to use

    Simple installation and practice with no extra cost except for the initial deployment. Easy to use interface and features

  • Multiple OS Support

    High scalability

    Easy to upgrade or expand Easy to be lnterlocked with other existing solutions